ICON CITY is being developed and conceptualised to become the next prestigious commercial belt as well as a hot & happening hub in the Juru area. As the brainchild of Iconic Development Sdn. Bhd, this new development is the realisation of a long-term vision by the trendsetting developer to provide a viable business address for thriving businesses.

Built on a prime 10-acre freehold land, ICON CITY consists of 68 units of 3 ½-storey Semi-Detached & 3 units of 5-storey Detached Commercial Buildings and a 15-storey Business Class Hotel. Upon completion, this spanking new 'city' is expected to transform the whole outlook of the Juru area by breathing new life and significantly boosting the commercial activities in this vicinity.

The architecture of ICON CITY is designed for functionality and built for versatility, thus making it ideal for all types of businesses and commercial purposes. Some of the captivating features of the buildings that businesses can leverage on are: